Adagio We optimize connections
between publishers and ssp

Thousands of publishers and tens of SSPs rely on our transparent platform, to amplify revenue and profitability, for existing connections and new ones created seamlessly.

Innovation Incrementality at scale
on the server side

Repackage adrequests based on performance prediction to suit traders targeting. Dynamically adapt floor prices to offset DSPs bid shading. Control traffic shaping and duplication to be proactive on SPO. Leverage our fast global infrastructure to reduce bid waste.

Publishers Optimize and scale
your programmatic stack

Optimize revenue of your existing connections. Connect 10's of new unique demand in one click. Seamless control with unified management, operations and insights, including AB Test and benchmarks. Enhance user experience with less client side connections and timeout optimizations.

SSP Optimize connections.
Expand inventory.

Optimize revenue and profitability of existing connections. Access 250B auctions on demand. Received pre-filtered inventory based on SCO enforcement and fraud detection. Monitor and benchmark your performance with actionnable insights.