Transparent Attention Marketplace

Our transparent attention marketplace makes digital advertising fair and effective, at scale.

The Best Proposal for Brands

Advertise only on the best impressions, from the best media sites, reachable programmatically, at a fair price

Transparent Attention SSP

Single tag, and advanced yield management, to monetize your users attention, in header bidding, easily

Transparent Attention Advertising

Why transparent attention advertising, pioneered by Adagio, is changing the game in the digital advertising market


What is onFocus

Holistic. Predictive. Attention Scoring.

Our revolutionary technology, onFocus, scores the quality of each impression, mixing viewability, time-in-view, CTR, time-to-click, ad clutter, share of screen, user experience and fraud predictions.

Integrated in Adagio’s SSP to automatically filter and repackage impressions, onFocus enables effective yield management for publishers while optimizing VCPM, CPH, CPC and CPA for advertisers.

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