Adagio Trade Attention.

We are reinventing digital advertising. Switch from media to user attention trading and reach an unprecedented level of performance.

Innovation Guaranteed attention.
Powered by AI.

We collect navigation, contextual and device data, exhaustively, to predict which impression has a chance to be seen and for how long. This technology allows us to precisely target a well seen impression, before it is sold, like nobody else.

Publishers Value attention.
Open Auction. Deals.

Add Adagio Attention SSP to your header bidding stack to better monetize viewable impressions. Optimize CPMs, reduce delivery waste and easily reach vRate, vCPM and CPH targets with guaranteed attention deals.

Advertisers Buy user attention.
Optimize any campaign.

Buy impressions from publishers using Adagio, in direct or through Adagio Attention Marketplace, to give your ads a chance to be seen long enough to perform and be recalled.