Transparent Solutions for Attention Advertising

Adagio offers innovative advertising solutions, leveraging on publishers existing qualitative impressions and the game changing header bidding paradigm.

Our solutions valorize quality and fair price competition over advertising clutter and supply path complexity.

Transparent attention advertising gives publishers monetization incentives and an effective solution to enhance user experience and campaign performance.

Resilient Solutions for Publishers, Advertisers and Users

Impression level yield management

To raise CPM for qualitative impressions, Adagio repackages impressions based on attention prediction. Publishers get higher income for qualitative impressions, whether they are above or below the fold.

Performance for Advertisers

To hit advertiser’s branding and performance campaigns targets, Adagio filters low-quality impressions based on attention score prediction. Advertisers bid only on the best impressions, with vCPM, CPH, CPC or CPA optimized by design, programmatically. Optimize further with vCPM and CPH buying models available through managed services.

User-friendly advertising

Ads impact page load time and user experience. Adagio gives publishers monetization incentives for high-quality advertising over advertising clutter.

Transparency by design

Publishers get access to auction reporting, analytics and logs to reach full economic transparency and identify most interesting advertisers to build direct relationship.

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