About us

Adagio was co-founded in 2016, in Montpellier, by Anh-Tuan Gai and Frank Durousset. For years, advertisers have relied on viewability measurers to analyse and optimise campaign KPIs and put pressure on helpless publishers. Adagio offers operational solutions helping publishers optimise yield, based on advertising attention prediction at impression and user level.

Meet the team

Anh-Tuan Gai
Anh-Tuan GaiCEO, co-founder
Frank Durousset
Frank DuroussetCOO, co-founder
Nicolas Fouché
Nicolas FouchéCTO
Loic Talon
Loic TalonVP Engineering
Julien Darsel
Julien DarselDeveloper
Marieke Schuit
Marieke SchuitMarketing
Nicolas Duforet
Nicolas DuforetData Scientist
Karine CeloCountry Manager
Olivier Sazos
Olivier SazosDeveloper
Laureen Violleau
Laureen ViolleauProduct Owner
Alexandre FouchéDevOps
Charlotte BettigUI/UX Designer
Bruno AdeléDevOps
Aurélien TisonDeveloper